BP Puts a Cap on Hayward’s Gaffes

Today we got the expected announcement that BP has finally taken action to stem the flow of gaffes from its Chief Executive Tony Hayward by replacing him with the company’s first-ever American CEO Bob Dudley.

Consider how this change will impact BP and how it interacts with stakeholders around the world as it goes about:

  • demonstrating commitment to complete the Gulf Coast clean-up as promised in the company’s US TV and print ads
  • investing in clean energy technologies will no doubt move up its agenda
  • positioning its clean-up efforts beyond just US stakeholders, recognising the need to communicate and engage its publics around the world
  • rebuilding its brand under a new leader who brings an American approach and bias
  • engaging the rest of the oil and related energy industries to demonstrate to consumers, lawmakers and business that current offshore drilling risks have been reassessed and are actively being managed

One response to “BP Puts a Cap on Hayward’s Gaffes

  1. Tony Hayward claimed when named CEO that he would make safety a priority. The ensuing events indicate that he failed. Even so, he is safe himself with his golden parachute. Beyond BP as a dysfunctional company, this points to corporate governance itself being broken in American business.

    See: http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2010/06/17/tony-hayward-sticking-to-script-safety-is-bps-priority/

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