Think you’re a Corporate Diplomat?

One of the key skills for today’s ever-flatter world of commerce is the ability to be both “on message” and credible in all the regions your organization does business.  With the recent gaffes of BP, Toyota, Goldman Sachs and countless others, it’s very important executives can look and act local and “do” empathy in culturally-resonant ways.  Take our Poll here below and tell us what you think are the key traits of an effective corporate diplomat …

2 responses to “Think you’re a Corporate Diplomat?

  1. Being a good communicator involves many of the other traits listed. A good communicator is self-aware, has well thought out, strategic messaging, knows when to apologize, when to express empathy, hopefully has charisma to lead and inspire people and most of all, they know when to shut up and listen! As we Public Diplomats say, listening is a fundemental, and often forgetten, part of public diplomacy.

  2. Great to see a poll on here. Corporate diplomacy has always been considered the purview of Global Corporates. With more and more SMEs being encouraged to trade internationally, we all need to learn these vital skills. I look forward to seeing the results…

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