Bonmarché expands overseas

Why the Bonmarché is playing it safe before opening overseas locations.

On October 20, 2011, Retail Week Magazine announced that budget-price high-street retailer Bonmarché is looking to expand internationally, the first time for this UK brand to make such a big leap as it currently only has one overseas store in Gibraltar.

The retailer is opening up its website to international customers in order to ‘determine demand for the brand and help to decide where to open international stores,’ according to Bonmarché marketing director Katherine Scott. An international ad campaign will support their ecommerce and bricks-and-mortar store expansion which hopefully will account for the different expectations and tastes of their overseas target markets.

Rightly, Bonmarché is doing what many retailers should do before jumping to a new place: their homework. Usually it’s the assumptions about how other countries operate that undermines an otherwise good plan –demographics, shopping patterns, cultural values – and usually ends up costing them time, much money and brand reputation damage.

Checking the BrandTravel potential is a must which we hope Bonmarché has done.


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