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Marketing Week’s Cover Story on the Marketing Academy

Marketing Week’s cover story, Have faith in the future, is an in-depth analysis of the Marketing Academy’s Boot Camp, for which I conducted its International Marketing curriculum.  Marketing Week comments:

“Young marketers face a dearth of opportunities to develop their business and leadership skills and companies are frustrated by a lack of top-level talent. But a new Marketing Academy is molding tomorrow’s stars and inspiring marketing’s elevation to the board.”

The Marketing Academy Scholars are truly enlightened global citizens who are very worldly for their age – then again – they have grown up in a more globalized era than any previous generation and so they innately think and act with global awareness.

It is essential that as part of Marketing Academy’s curriculum in developing the next generation of future business leaders, they understand the tangible benefits of this worldly outlook that will include fewer conflicts and warfare as international commerce bridges people and cultures.  Given that, it comes as no surprise that the Marketing Academy sponsors include Google, one of the world’s most successful global brands.

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Judging the CIM’s Women in Marketing Awards

Having the honour of judging the inagural Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Women In Marketing Awards, I strongly encourage you to enter if you are a female marketer working on campaigns directed at women and are based in Greater London.  It’s a fantastic way to raise your profile, rightly gain recognition for your achievements and build your brand.

The inspiration behind The Women in Marketing Awards

After five years of annual events, the Women in Marketing Awards was the next logical step and it also coincides with the 100th year of International Women’s Day.   Ade Onilude, Event Organiser, shares what inspired her to create the awards:

I take inspiration from various facets:  On a very personal level, the awards pay homage to my late mother who I lost at a young age; she was a true visionary who knew no boundaries.  My father and brother have been truly supportive in encouraging me to ‘reach for the stars.’  I’ve also been inspired by my work environment at Swarovski where I’ve been honoured to meet true visionaries and innovators.  I take inspiration from the famous such as Michelle Obama, the late Anita Roddick, Audrey Hepburn, Women’s magazines and cult TV series such as Sex in the City.
Finally I’ve been inspired by the amazing women I’ve met since conception of the Women in Marketing event in 2004. From the team who represent the various branches of the Greater London Region, to the speakers and distinguished guests we’ve had over the 5 events. My greatest inspiration has been the attendees – some who have become friends, so launching the awards is for them.

Why Should You Enter?

It’s your chance to be recognised as a member of the Marketing community.  You can put yourself forward or nominate someone who’s inspired you. Have a look at the Women in Marketing Awards website to find out about the categories and how to enter – the deadline is Thursday, 23 September.

I’ll be joining the winners who will be announced at a glam red-carpet ceremony on Wednesday, 3 November at the May Fair Hotel in London. You can attend even if you’ve not entered the awards. Here’s a brochure for more information about the Awards, and hope to get your entry – good luck!

Netflix Wins with Apple TV Partnership and Blockbuster TKO

Netflix Wins with Apple TV Partnership and Blockbuster TKO

What Blockbuster didn’t accomplish in achieving a “transformation” is leveraging its customer base before they jumped ship.  Now even YouTube is getting in on the movie rental market and may eat Netflix’s lunch given the marketing muscle (and budgets) that its owner Google has.  Google is also muscling in on the TV set-top box market imminently, so it’s well-played by linking in YouTube’s vast and ever-expanding content base.

With the announcement of Apple TV, their partnership with Netflix, as well as offering YouTube as part of the package, we’re seeing the convergence of devices as computer and TV become integrated.

Convergence was predicted many years ago – BUT – the ultimate question is:

  • does this improve the quality of life for the consumer?
  • does it make life easier, happier or cheaper?   If I can’t tick at least two of those boxes, this trend won’t catch on
  • We always need to keep focused on the consumer – or is this product just for Apple geeks?

The messages we need to hear should be:

  • what about for non-Apple users?
  • does it work with Windows platforms?  Or are those users (the vast majority of the population) excluded from “The Club?”
  • Is Apple ‘narrow casting’ and not ‘broad casting’?

Read Business Week‘s coverage on the Apple TV announcement and  more on Fast Company‘s excellent piece on the demise of Blockbuster.

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