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Smart German car makers just waking up to US opportunities?

According to the FT story that ran a few days ago, German car makers Volkswagen and Smart “microcars” (is this a new product category that’s been so tightly and strategically defined that you can automatically be the market leader?) have realized there’s money to be made in the USA.  Driven by a steep fall in its sales, Smart’s CEO Deiter Zetsche admits the company “might not have done enough active selling” since arriving on American shores in 2008.  Maybe the 20% drop in 2011 sales compared to 2010 is what prompted the realization.  Surely the US consumer, screaming over gasoline prices above $3.50/gallon, is now ready more than ever to entertain a microcar.  Turning up the marketing and sales loudness dial for the US must be something every brand traveller must know?